sábado, 20 de febrero de 2010

Fieltro: Deb Seeger from Kansas.

Hola para todos mis visitantes!!!! Ya de regreso a full con toda mi actividad fieltrera tengo que ponerme al día con todo el material que tengo para mostrales con nuestro protagonista el fieltro.
Me pone muy contenta de la repercusión que tiene este espacio y poco a poco los artistas y artesanos del fieltro me van mandando info y me autorizan a subir material para compartir en el blog.
Este es el caso de Deb, que vive en Kansas, EEUU y a partir de intercambiar varios mails con ella, me mando toda la info que compartiremos a continuación. Para los que no leen inglés ( adjunté el mail de deb abajo ) les cuento que aprendió la técnica del fieltro en Kansas además de tener un título en educación. Con respecto a sus creaciones en fieltro prefiere las figuran abstractas en sus diseños y por eso incorpora texturas con hillos , telas entre otros elementos.
Desarrollo una serie de cuencos ( vessels ) donde siente que se expresa libremente.
Esto es un breve resumen de las cosas lindas que nos cuenta Deb.

"Hello Julia,
I live in the exact center of the USA: KANSAS, called the heartland. There is not many sightseeing activities but the people are the attractions here. They are vibrant, warm and amazing even strangers are welcoming. I live in the eastern part of Kansas where there are rolling hills and it is wooded with trees, which is the opposite environment of the western part of Kansas, flat and barren. Prominent practicing professors in the design field trained me in art, and I have an advanced degree in education so in my work I prefer to tell narratives using metaphors. I rarely do representational artwork instead I create abstract pieces that tell a story and like most fiction a degree of the chronicle is based in authenticity. I used to make sculptured wall blankets that combined vintage cloth with new high tech embellishments or paint. December 2008, I stumbled into some wool roving (animal hair that been combed with wire brushes. As part of my college education I was required to use sheep fleece, dye it, card, and construct felted hat, thus I was aware of what to do with wool roving. Since December 2008, I have experimented with various techniques, wools, and end products plus I met a global community of people doing felt. My passion is not art to wear but one I can enjoy. If I am wearing it, I can only see it when looking in a mirror, so I prefer to make objects.
Almost all the felt vessels tell a story but the story is not important or rather, it is private. Here is an example: in Landscape Vessel, it is a story about wandering in the forest or wooded area as a child where one can see all the varying shades of green. I added silk organza on the surface, to give not only a visual texture but also an enhanced experience of lying under a tree and watching the leaves dance on the limbs. On the inside, I used shades of blue including midnight blue (my favorite color) because I use to wake up in the middle of the night and look out my bedroom window watching the moon flickering on nearby forest trees. I would fantasize about walking in the dark forest with the moon playing hide and seek amongst the trees.
I am fond of making felt, as it is physical and active almost a private performance art. It is fun to have a basic idea then see where the felt is leading, and then I make some adjustments and then, let the felt lead again. It is like a collaborative dance, where we (the felt and I) take turns showing the way. My Vessels and other artwork can be seen at
www.flickr.com/photos/coloredglass "

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