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Fieltro: Los gorros de Anita Larkin

Guauuuu, gracias Mariana por los datos que me pasaste!!!
No puedo dejar de subir a esta artista maravillosa, que entre tantos materiales que trabaja ha incorporado el fieltro: Anita Larkin. Ella es Australiana y me identifico mucho con su trabajo por su pasión de juntar cosas. ( seguro que no soy la única ) Abajo copié le texto en inglés de su página.
Espero no tener problemas con ella ya que sus imagenes tienen sistema de seguridad. Pero es para compartir. Le dejo el mérito a ella en la producción y creatividad!!!

Since I was a small child I have collected and assembled found objects. Some of the fondest memories I have of being a child are the regular trips we would make to the refuse tip with Dad. We would inevitably come home with more junk than we went to the tip with, much to Mum’s disappointment. Those were the days when the public was allowed to scrounge around for stuff on the mountains of rubbish. We had a great time hunting for treasures – and they were free! Dad was forever finding useful bits and pieces that would ‘ one day come in handy’. Watching him build things from recycled materials, I developed an eye for seeing the potential of objects and materials to be transformed into something else.
I went on to study a Bachelor of Visual Art at Sydney College of the Arts, graduating in 1993. In that same year I began making felt and quickly developed a passion for the sculptural potential of this ancient craft. Feltmaking still informs a large part of my art practice. In 2001 I travelled to Turkey and 2004 to The World Meeting of Felt Artists in Hungary to broaden my knowledge of feltmaking. The felt I make by hand using the hair of various sheep in much the same way as nomadic cultures have done for thousands of years. It is an intriguing material that is both primitive yet industrial, and intensely tactile.
1997 saw my first solo show at Project Contemporary Art Space in Wollongong, with a series of life-size figurative works in paper and felt. Subsequent solo shows developed my interest in working with collected objects and felt. I began making hypothetical inventions for contemporary man from yesterday’s refuse with a steampunk aesthetic, and incorporating sculptural felt components into the works. The 2007 residency and solo show at Wollongong City Gallery was titled ‘Object Incognito’ and featured poignantly fictitious inventions that underlined states of human isolation and communication. The works are often humorous with an element of the tragic.
My 2009 solo show at Defiance Gallery in Sydney bought about the consolidation of my particular way of working with collected objects, and introduced cast bronze doll components into the works. I continue to be intrigued with the role of function and dysfunction within sculpture, with many of my works appearing as if they have a practical function. I intentionally blur the boundaries between sculpture, artifact and toy. The future holds experiments with making work that actually does function, switch on, and move. I find pleasure in the making of an object, and endeavour to make my works appear as if they have always somehow existed, by paying attention to detail and craftsmanship. Felt works have developed into complex wearable sculptural forms completely felted in one piece.
I have exhibited extensively in significant group shows throughout Australia and internationally including; Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi in 2002 and 2003, The University of Western Sydney Sculpture Prize in 2004 and 2006, The Wynne Prize at the AGNSW in 2006 and 2008, and The Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize 2009. My work is represented in both private and public collections, including the Lady Ethel Nock Sculpture Collection, Macquarie University Sculpture Park, and Westmead Hospital.
I continue to regularly show with Defiance Gallery in Sydney, with whom I have been represented since 2002, particularly enjoying to participate in their Annual 6”Miniature Show every year.
I am available for commissions, working directly with your own found objects or those within my own collection.

Propiedad intelectual y derechos de autor: Anita Larkin

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Qué buen material subis siempre Julia, muchas gracias. Además: ¡Quiero esos zapatos!

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Gracias Elen!!! disfruto mucho armando este blog. Además a esta altura solo tengo que seleccionar el material , porque el restio lo hacen el grupo de colaboradores/as que visitan mi blog. Trabajo en equipo!!!

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Estan buenisimos esos sombreros. Yo quiero ese que tiene un relojito...para ir al super... vos decis que llamare la atencion? :)

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Tus entradas siempre traen novedad y sirven para abrir la cabeza
Otro muchas gracias!
Teresa Nuñez

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Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!